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Matt Nelson Lower Bottoms 

"Lower Bottoms sounds soulful and introspective, if not explosive" - Paste Magazine 

"[F]urious and fucked, lean and mean, bearing a torch whose burden is shared by fellow horn brutalizers like Borbetomagus, Mats Gustaffson, and Paul Flaherty" - The Quietus 

"Nelson's sax coats everything in a thick, grimy sludge one minute and spits out swarms of bees the next" - AdHoc 


"Saxophonist Matt Nelson is one of the more unpredictable virtuosos in New York's underground" - Pitchfork 

"GRID's debut album bubbles up from the East River like a toxic monster amalgamated from New York's improvised and extreme music scenes" - NPR 

"...toward the darker, heavier, and more psychedelic realms of improvised music that evokes unhinged 70s-era free jazz as well as droning doom and sludge" - Vice 

Premature Burial The Conjuring 

"They’ve put forward a devastating piece of art, tension tight as if a fuse is burning, yet endowed with the patient touches that render the ‘harder stuff’ that much more impressive" - Tiny Mix Tapes 

"The slow-burning soundscapes on their new record run the gamut from ethereal to crushing" - Brooklyn Vegan 

"The kind of stuff that would make your poor, suffering mother worry about your mental state if she were to catch you listening to it" - The Quietus 

Battle Trance Palace Of Wind ; Blade Of Love 

"[A] floating tapestry of fascinating textures made up of tiny musical motifs, and a music that throbs with tension between stillness and agitation, density and light" - New York Times 

"20 Best Avant Albums Of 2016" - Rolling Stone 

"Battle Trance coaxes a whole spectrum of hypnotic ethereality and brassy skronk out of its horns" - AV Club 

Elder Ones Holy Science 

"The aggressive and sublime first album by the band Elder Ones, 'Holy Science', is a kind of gauge for how strong and flexible the scene of young musicians in New York’s improvised and experimental music world can be" - New York Times 

"Nelson’s soprano sax language adds in some of the piercing effects heard in the music of virtuosos like Roscoe Mitchell. But still, in moments when the players’ parts fall in-line together, there’s a sense of hard-won beauty" - Pitchfork 


"[Garbus] complements her voice with sax parts so wild, they make her seem mild in comparison" - Rolling Stone 

Timosaurus I Love You More Than Yesterday 

Parade Parade 

Arts & Sciences New You 

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